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This customer liked the looks of our Joseph's Coat design but wanted larger sections for her 10' x 12' oval braided rug. She sent us a photograph of a pattern she wanted to duplicate. After she chose her colors and a couple of telephone conversations, this is what we came up with.


This is the other rug we did for the same customer as above. The braid combinations are different but the balance of the pattern is the same. The rug is centered to the room protecting the floor in the highly traveled areas. The way the table is off center to the rug, looks great!

 285722_529504263737472_173443174_n.jpg   This customer sent me her chair cushion. Her instructions were for a colorful rug in the Joseph's Coat style but not overpowering. You can imagine the pressure I felt. She was as pleased as I am with the finished product. We did several rugs for her kitchen to match. 
 311-1.jpg  This beautiful Americana Rug is using navy blue, burgandy and beige. The cat seems to approve. 
 311-13.jpg   Add warmth to your den and protect your hardwood floors. We specialize in custom sizes to fit your room. 
579800_529509233736975_1952162786_n.jpg  Accent rugs and runners for the kitchen are a must! 
946240_586439021377329_1762198510_n.jpg  This design is our "EX" style. The center and boarder are the Sage Green. The accent bands are the Camel. The check is Sage Green, Camel and Brick Red (312) 
Doreen.jpg  This is a custom Joseph's Coat braided rug. She wanted to down play the navy and bring out more red since her furniture is mostly navy. 

 This is our infamous #782-JC. For years this has been and continues to be our #1 seller! 


This rug, known as Donna's favorite consists of black/brown earth tones with a hint of red.

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